Duration 22 min & 01 sec
A1. Cat’s Eyes (Private Little World) 1: 55 play button
A2. Burning Bridges 3:32 play button
A3. Poison Thoughts 3:49 play button
A4. Sweet Curse 03:40 play button
A5. My Witch 3:52 play button
A6. Red Headed Devil 3:34 play button
A7. Rosebud Witchcraft (Interlude) 1:35 play button
Duration: 22 min & 05 sec
B1. The Scene Of The Crime 3:29 play button
B2. Puppets 3:03 play button
B3. Zombie Girl 3:18 play button
B4. Voodoo Kiss 3:12 play button
B5. No Other Love 3:20 play button
B6. When I Dream 3:41 play button
B7. Where Endings Begin play button (Till The Next Time) 1:59

Moderator is proving himself to be a master of cinematic beat-construction, evidenced
by his album The World Within and other memorable appearances. The
Athens-based producer is a serious player on the Greek downtempo/trip-hop
scene, dazzling with a distinctive production style that leaps across genre boundaries.
Lounge, hip hop, Italian horror film soundtracks, dub, Memphis soul, and even rockabilly are among the influences that phase in-and-out of Moderator’s songs. It’s like calmly turning the radio dial to a random station, yielding a surprising but
pleasant discovery.
Sinner’s Syndrome, the new album from Moderator on Melting Records, continues this aesthetic,
and builds upon it for extra sonic satisfaction. The sound and titles of the album’s 14 tracks hint at
the channeling of a dark, supernatural element, but Moderator assures us that he only uses earthly,
electronic means to concoct his sampling magic.
Regardless, Sinner’s Syndrome is sure to cast a spell on any willing listener.
Highlights include “Sweet Curse” with its captivating boom-bap take on southern blues; the upbeat “Red Headed Devil” which evokes a ‘50s lounge band experiencing time travel; the late night backwoods roadhouse stomp of “Zombie Girl”; and the gentle “No Other Love” with its spaghetti western flavor and thoughtful
poetics. These moods are made for groovin’, and there’s plenty here for eclecticminded
DJs and home listeners to love. Enter the world of Moderator’s Sinner’s Syndrome … once you’re here, there’s no escape.