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01. Something Black
02. Speedboats
03. Bandulu Jazz
04. Death In The Dunes
05. Drawn By Heat
06. Mr. Gamma Escapes
07. The Handover
08. Run, Hide, Or Die
09. La Valise
10. Funny Gadgets
11. Where Are The Lost 00s?
12. Farewell To Vesper

If the new album by Audio Lotion would be a soundtrack for a crime, then this would have been committed out of
passion and love in self-defense, our hero was at the wrong time, wrong place, too often - "Bad Timing" also - and
he knows too much ... Mr. Gamma is on the run, in a silver Jaguar XKR, the rages, the Côte d'Azur of Nice, Eze
sur Mer along the direction of Monaco.
At the wheel of a mixture of Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt 007 and betrayed by friend and foe, haunted by his past.
Fleeing, start over again somewhere or destroy his pursuers and make? About the harsh Mediterranean
speedboat to Algiers. There, the dogs get in fast! Then by the deadly Sahara to the Orient. Waingro, an old
contact supplied him with the most necessary gadgets in Beirut. The hunt goes on 140 bpm!