02. AFRO SHIGIDA feat. Kojato
03. BOSSA BOP feat. Pat Appleton
04. SERIOUS SOUL feat. John Turrell
05. EXPERIENCE IN JAZZ feat. Bella Wagner
06. JUNKIE feat. Sitzka
07. TANGOSSA feat. Pat Appleton
08. BOSSA CORCOVADO feat. A. Secret
09. OPEN WIDE feat. Xantoné Blacq
10. TRUE feat. Bajka
11. BUT RICH RHYTHMS Club Des Belugas
12. NASSAU JAM Smoove's Funky Jam RMX

There are three stages to establish an artist, and getting through the
second one is always the hardest.
The first stage is a fun phase with endless possibilities; there's so much
ahead, and you start to dream really big. All six of your fans are fiercely
loyal and basically you have tons of freedom for getting to the top. – OK,
Now, let’s skip ahead ...
The third stage is an amazing picture, larger than life. Touring
internationally, headlining shows and selling millions of albums. Songs on
hit radio stations, loved by millions and tons of groupies all around the
world. – You don't cope with a stage three hero and you get stuck at
stage one, if you don't have a plan for stage two … In fact, you don't even
know what stage two is and make the mistake of wishing for that miracle .
The second stage is all about making a good album. Roughly speaking,
arrange exciting songs full of SOUL, AFRO-LATIN and JAZZ, with a special
love to modern BOSSA NOVA, now create a unique sound with selected
vintage gear for that legendary “Bahama Sound” and scan the world for
unmatched singers and stoned troubadours. You can ask the exiting Pat
Appleton from DePhazz for a couple of songs. She’ll give you a fantastic
demonstration of her powerful soul and also a delightful atmospheric track.
Then join geordie-man John Turrell from the great Smoove & Turrell for
adding some gospel flavoured and soul powered melodies. And who can
resist the amazing Ms. Bella Wagner for her wonderfully emotional and
deep voice? For presenting some of the hottest talents please ask breezy
dutch singer Sitzka for her sultry singing on big dirty beats. Furthermore,
respect afro magic and fuse your latin beats with pure african high-life of
inimitable multi-instrumenalist Kojato and twinkle to the afrolicious
artwork of the CD-cover. Then you can probably add just a dear friend as
A special Secret and let her sing magical notes to mystify the line-up.
Finally do your very best on some remixes for selected fine artists like
Xantoné Blacq, singer and keyboard player from Amy Winehouse and for
incredible Bajka, probably the most unique female voice of this time and
try to get these mixes on your album. This should complete a formidable
bandwith of surpassing artists and voices around the globe, believe me. -
Let it simmer for a delicious chowder and you know what? It smells funky
as … yeah, and -it’s not a crime- as an old recording from the legendary
Juju Orchestra proclaims, “It just smells funky!”. Remember the wise
words from a cherished musician with a proper moustache: “Jazz is not
dead, it just smells funny”, FZ.