1. The Funky Turkey
2. The JT Strut
3. Soul-Hi
4. Chickenfoot
5. Straight Fire
6. Bill Collector
7. Stamp
8. Funky Brewster
9. Talkin’ That Talk
10. Grimmin’
11. B.A.
12. Otis Lament


The Jive Turkeys are comprised of Matt Amburgy (organ), Terry Cole (bass), Andrew DeRoberts (guitar), and Rob Houk (drums). These four
musicians have been playing together for the better part of the last five years in a hip-hop group called Soundscape. Soundscape is a group based in Oxford, OH, home of Miami University. And while Soundscape has always provided all of them the opportunity to grow and develop as
musicians through the group’s unique fusion of genres (hip-hop, funk, jazz, rock), The Jive Turkeys is a group that is much more narrow in its
focus and goal: to put our raw, soulful funk music.

On the heels of their two successful 45 releases, The Jive Turkeys now present their debut full-length effort, Bread & Butter. An appropriate title
considering the album is nothing but funky, soulful instrumental goodness from start to finish. Bread & Butter clearly establishes The Jive Turkeys as the current benchmark for old-school funk in the Midwest.

Fans of The Meters, Booker T. & The M.G.’s, and the funk revival sound will surely dig what The Jive Turkeys are puttin’ down!