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Finland’s best kept secret Chicken Grass is releasing a long-awaited debut album - Chicken
Chicken Grass has been playing together for 25 years and has developed a unique sound
(Swamp Soul !) over the years. The band gets inspiration from different styles of afro-american
rhythm music: funk, soul, hip hop and jazz. You can hear influences from the roots but also from
today’s modern music.
The band consists of some of the best musicians in Finland. The members are: Tapio Wiik (voc,
keys), Janne Valppu (bass), Mikko Räisänen (guitar), Olli Tuomainen (sax,flute) and Janne
Mathlin (drums). Sensational singer Princess Shaw from New Orleans features on two songs.
The album was recorded live in Philophon studio in Berlin with grammy awarded producer Max
Weissenfeldt (Poets Of The Rhythm, Dr.John) and sound engineer/producer Stibbo Spitzmuller.
The recordings were done with vintage gear, which lends the album a retro yet fresh feeling.
Chicken Grass wanted to make an album like the old classics in the 60’s and 70’s, which meant
recording it live without any loops or samples. Chicken Grass is not ”fakin the funk” as they say!
The first 45 single from the album (Snakebites/Trading Bullet) got a lot of positive feedback from
music lovers all around the world. It was released by the legendary Tramp Records. Radio shows
like the Craig Charles funk soul show on the BBC Radio 6 Music have been playing the single. A
Finnish radio DJ even said ”this band is going to be the future of Finnish music”.
Each song in the album is unique and stands on its own. You can hear the whole spectrum of funk
and soul in the album. There are vibes from James Brown and Jimmy Castro Bunch (Have A
Break), Curtis Mayfield style gospel soul (Sister Rosetta’s Train), P-Funk inspired modern funk
(Woman), Blue-Eyed Soul (Street Haze), Isaac Hayes and psychedelic soul (Right Face), Dubby
Blues (Jailbird) and African disco-funk (Pyroclastic). The band also focused on the quality of the
All in all, the album is a perfect combination of styles and genres, old and new, hi-fi and lo-fi, but
the sound is still unique Chicken Grass. The more you listen to the album, the more it grows on
you. You can hear the depth of the songs and the experience of the band with each playthrough.