1: Orbiting
2: Waterways
3: Dry Cured
4: Sjambok
5: Toe To Toe
6: Whistles & Horns
7: Running On Empty
8: Physicality
9: Dust Storm
10: Closure
11: Cherubs Cry


With the benefit of almost zero British press attention, Clubroot's selftitled
debut CD gained quite a cult following last year, with plenty of enthused chaton message boards like Dubstep Forum, while both Mary Anne Hobbs and Rob Booth commissioned Clubroot mixes for their respective (and much
respected) radio shows. His sound is often compared favourably with Burial's more atmospheric sequences, and with a similar air of annonymity
characterising his public (non) profile, he seems already to be attracting an audience who betray a certain obsessiveness in their listening habits.



“One of the saddest things you'll ever hear … but for all its influences, this record is remarkably singular. Its sounds coalesce into a feeling for
which words would do injustice. (7.8 / 10) – Pitchfork

“Clubroot leads us through 10 tracks which establish his command of melody and harmony in one of dubstep’s most listenable LPs yet. Fans of
Burial, Scuba, or Distance should find plenty to get their listening gear around on this visceral and ambrosial debut.” – Big Up Magazine

“To sum up Clubroot’s sound as succinctly as possible, it's like the perfect hybrid of Burial and Kryptic Minds, taking the mood driven atmospheres
and quicksilver slink of Burial and alloying it to dynamic basslines and intricately produced rhythm structures. This combination is explored through
ten tracks united by a singular rhythmic vision in thrall to classic darkside dance music and operating under the cover of severely occluded
atmospheres.” Boomkat

There are distinct and catalytic events and occurrences in our lives, and when thinking of these events in retrospect, unusually
vivid mental pictures sometimes remain. For some, the summer of 2009 will carry a soundtrack of Clubroot along with the
stories of their life, and when they mentally mark said period, will always conjure up along with it the music of the grey album,
with the fog enveloped tree on the cover.
The moment the elements of the debut release were sealed and disseminated, our artist set out on a new path involving visits to
such disparate locales as Türkiye and Polska, which became parts of the cinematic ambiance that is the new Clubroot album,
S/T (II – MMX). In doing so, our artist has created a series of images, with sounds so absolutely married to its accompanying
elements that it seems as if it was unearthed in complete form as opposed to constructed. It possesses some of the most
pronounced and arresting basslines ever heard, delivered musically in a language as ethereal and intense as, say, Dead Can
Dance, Cocteau Twins, or perhaps Muslimgauze, but couched in a language informed by the scene around dubstep and UK