1. Instituto Mexicano del Sonido – Cumbia
2. Systema Solar – Ya Veras
3. Bomba Estereo – Fuego
4. Sekreto (Hijo de la Cumbia RMX) – Gota
5. Benny Bazz – Cumbia, Tabaco y Ron
6. Miss Bolivia – Alta Yama
7. Master Blaster (DJ Dus) – Pan con Vino
8. Toy Selectah – „Half Mex. Half Colombian Bandit“
9. The Binary Cumbia Orquesta – La Incformidable
10. Zurita – Llega fauna
11. Cumbia Cosmonauts – Cumbianauts Incoming
12. Paco Mendoza – La Frekuencia
13. Tio Changó (feat. Frente Cumbiero) - Bocachico
14. Copia Doble Systema – Colegiala (Pista Mix)
15. El Remolon – La Guajira
16. Frente Cumbiero – Aguanegra


Compilers Steen Thorsson aka Tio Changó and Lukasz Tomaszewski aka
Don Chicharrón have collaborated with DJ collective La Chusma for years,
appearing throughout Berlin’s club and cultural scene. The Compilation is
their Berlin-based label’s first release. The label, Chusma Records,
subscribes to the sound of “urban tropical music”, presenting cutting edge
breaks and beats.

“Cumbia Bestial” is the first to assemble both an
international cast of noted producers and DJs and promising newcomers
from the “underground” of a new urban latino club scene.
Cumbia – a musical style few had heard of until not so long ago. But since
2008 at the latest, the Carribean offbeat groove has been explosively
rediscovered at clubs and festivals in the USA and Europe.

Two-four time
tunes from 1960s Columbia are being taken into the studio to be remixed
with electronic beats, dubbing basslines, scratches and samples, creating a
new bastard style we call Cumbia Bestial!
Bomba Estéreo, Systema Solar, Toy Selektah and IMS are some of
the protagonists of this redhot international scene. The sampler presents
16 angles on a new era of latino bands, DJs and producers, featuring
artists from Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Mexico City and even Berlin – soul
food for the hungry ears of today’s global dancefloors! The CD is
accompanied by a 24-page booklet featuring comprehensive background information on the artists and the
history of cumbia as well as numerous color photographs.