1. Tomorrow 3:57
2. Bus 4:03
3. Break 4:10
4. Sensation 3:40
5. Stinger 3:42
6. Heart Seed (featuring Leah Alvarez) 3:08
7. One 3:42
8. Ten (featuring Jessica Zweback) 6:23
9. Interlude- Magical 1:43
10. Monday Drive 3:45
11. F Train to Church 3:25
12. Brown Brother (featuring Tim Ruiz) 3:42
13. Seconds 4:30
14. Marksonthekeys (featuring Mark Sound) 4:45
15. Break Remix (featuring Meghan Hendley) 4:52
16. Fun 4:11
17. Dubai 3:37
18. Life 3:57
Bonus Cut: Heart Seed (featuring Leah Alvarez and Martin Perna of Antibalas)


NEW DJ SUN's album combines electronic sounds and samples with live instruments and several Houston based vocalists to effortlessly blend downtempo, funk, soul and electronica to killer effect. 19 tracks, incl a "bonus cut" with ANTIBALAS' MARTIN PERNA. Fold out Digi pak. THIEVERY CORP fans will dig it! HEADZ NUJAZZ SOUL “...One Hundred stretches to 19 tracks, including a couple of remixes, but it all flows by in one richly textured groove layered with hip-hop, soul, funk, exotica, disco, reggae and a few surprises.

For the past two decades, DJ SUN has contributed to the live soundtrack of Houston, Texas with an aural palette of funk, soul, jazz, disco, early hip-hop and even more modern genres such as trip hop. It is his ability to seamlessly blend those elements and find ways to shape the music to the contours of the many rooms in which he spins records that has made him a Houston standard, a classic.
One Hundred is the culmination of years of work for DJ Sun. With the release of his “Monday Drive” EP in 2007, he put himself on the map as a producer, following that up with another EP and a couple of singles. True to the buildup to One Hundred, four songs from those releases are included, but with fifteen new tracks to complete the gumbo.
Receiving collaborative assistance from 3-time Grammy winner, Tim ruiz (La Mafia) to engineer the project and lend additional instrumentation (guitar, bass, keys) has further enhanced the ideas with which DJ Sun came to the table. Further collaborations include the first track “Tomorrow,” with E's E from Names You Can Trust out of Brooklyn, a result of numerous trips into the Kensington area of the NY borough. Meghan Hendley, Mark Sound (aka Mark Speer), and Jessica Zweback, respectively of Tyagaraja, Grandfather Child, and Sky Blue 72 all lent keyboard help to “Break Remix”, “Marksonthekeys,” and “Ten.”
For the lead single of “Heart Seed feat Leah Alvarez,” DJ Sun recruited fellow producer/dj, The Are to do a hip-hop styled boom-bap kind of remix. The Are, also a Houston native is a multiplatinum producer from the Trackmasters production group who has recently had the production credits on respective lead singles for LL Cool J (“Take It feat Joe”) and Keyshia Cole (“I Ain't Thru”).