01. La Calatrava
02. The Invisible Girl
03. Doctor Foo
04. Menage A Trois
05. The Fireface
06. At The Flamingo Bar
07. La Divina
08. Doctor Foo (Smooth Version)
09. Menage A Trois (Club Edit)
10. The Fireface (Club Edit)

The Parov Stelar trio is one to the two live set-ups, which accompany Parov Stelar on stage as he travels the
world. “The Invisible Girl” marks the trio’s first release in this formation. The roots of their live appearances are clear to hear in the ten tracks. All aspects of melancholy are replaced by a lust for life in a raw, energetic and more direct style than one would normally expect from Parov Stelar.
Sold out shows across the world have proven just how popular Parov Stelar is as the forerunner of a genre which
has exploded over the last years. He played a host of shows with the Parov Stelar trio, especially on the U.S tour and they helped make it an outstanding success. Together with live musicians Jerry di Monza and Max the Sax, Parov Stelar is able to bring the magic of his music to the stages of clubs and festivals across the globe. While Parov Stelar’s solo album is full of delicate, intricately composed songs, “The Invisible Girl” has been inspired by the drive and euphoria of the tour and tries to capture there elements. In order to achieve this, a more intuitive and quicker recording process than usual was needed. All of the instrumentals were recorded within one intensive week in the studio, and the finishing Parov Stelar touches were added during all-night production sessions. The result is a collection of 7 tracks, 3 of which are presented in two alternate versions. The release presents a different aspect of the Parov Stelar sound, which is in keeping with the trio’s live gigs – jazzier, dirtier and a little bit crazier!