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"Take Me Elsewhere" starts from the same moment "Score" was completed, the cover is a clear sign of a road already travelled but totally new in a completely different context, "Take Me Elsewhere" is the rediscovery of the non-place, the path that we retrace continuously emotionally but always different. Ryan Ritchie shows his maturity as a lyricist and the profound and mature poetic vein that gave voice to the counterpoint of violin Tamil Rogeon, continually research of perfection of expression through his instrument. Parts for orchestra of 18 elements alternating with the set up Big Band in "Dark Days" are aquatic, windy, wide-ranging with profound intentions immediately broken by the rhythmic scatterbrain of "Kill Me In The Summer" that take us back to the footstep detroitian, " Fire Where I Been "where Ryan sings the pop engaged, as well as in" If Not Me "and" Again "; "It Was Me" and magnetic storms invisible, the back2back between jazz drumming and drum machines in "Tearing Me Apart" without ever losing the thread that Ryan and his voice always keep in the foreground with numbers from outside the class, as in 'interpretation of western blues Moricconian "Black & Blue" declared homage to the soundtrack copyright Italian while you are touching the dancehall incipit of "Last Thing You Said" reported immediately to the order by the orchestra that softens tones. The intro of "Hardest Part" as well as "Dark Days" introduces the final stage, pays homage to the arches and enhances the vocal power of Ryan, the complexity of the Jazz looks again to pop and soul to tell a story that ends in the worst of ways. "Hurricane Of Your" closes the album, with fast rhythms, accents deep that, as a trace of Thom Yorke, puts you in the head a lot of questions making you fly away without taking your feet off the floor, but in the end, the only answer, it would seem, love, or rather its absence.


Composed, arranged, conducted and mixed by Ryan Ritchie and Tamil Rogeon

Produced by RHyNO additional production The Raah Project
Additional Mixing:  Steve Scanlon
Words, voice, MPC4000, Piano, Prophet 600, Prophet 08, Moog, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Programming, Percussion:  R. Ritchie / Solo Violin, Juno 106, Moog, Drum Kit, Percussion, Additional Vocals, Orchestral Contracting: Tamil Rogeon
Electric Bass:  Steven Hadley  / Pianos: James Bowers Additional Drums/Percussion: Ben Vanderwall, Ivan Khatchoyan / Solo Viola at end of Take Me Elsewhere:  Brett Dean          Backing Vocals: Charlotte Betts-Dean, Kylie Auldist, Tamil Rogeon  / Additional Saxophones: Anton Delecca