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04 If all listen ft. Marcelo Coleman play button
05 A Hundred Thousand Hands ft. Ka Li play button
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This work represents a new phase in the musical vision of the Neapolitan, who produced an album with a different approach, as a musician, experimenting with synthesizers and vocoders and creating a real band, 'The Cryptic Monkeys, with Peppe Cozzolino ( synth and programming), Paul Forlini (drums) and John Rome (dubs & echoes).

 'I decided to form the band just after finishing SEBA because I felt the need to grow and to live a new experience both human and musical. Peppe, Paul and John, as well as being my brothers historical, are all phenomenal musicians who come from fusion and dall'indie and they were the right people to groped this impossible task. ', Says Franky B.

A first test had already been done in during an EP of remixes for The raah Project with Silkie and Goth-Trad, published in June, always from the Black Marigolds, but is only producing a whole album that the four associates gather compact. The tracks on the album, produced using analog instruments and synths of the 70s and 80s, were created as if they were episodes of a visual narrative, as well as the graphic concept, edited entirely Luca Wo Siano with the use of polaroid original. Ten tracks for ten episodes of a fictional television series, made by a showrunner with an ensemble cast, apparently different from each other but rather part of the same universe.

Among the feat, along with Sha One and Marcello Coleman, old acquaintances already in the first album, in this new work of Franky B, stand collaborations original, reflecting the artist's desire to work with the band to explore different musical territories contaminate the electronics. First Fade, a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist also, protagonist of the title track that opens the album, also chosen as a single, outbound on iTunes on September 18 along with the video: '

This song is our manifesto of the counterculture biker / redneck and antisocial, choice not by chance as "pilot series" and the tracklist, which is metaphorically, a day that begins with the sun, which then gives way to clouds and darkness, until the arrival of dawn, and then start again '
Day and night, so, also represented by Helen Tesfazghi, African-Neapolitan which embodies a different idea of' blaxploitation 'and Ka Li, one of the most interesting of the Italian indie electronic scene, with musical experiences in Iceland and Northern Europe. Also impossible not to notice the presence of one of the heavyweights of hip hop national NTO, the founder of Cosang ':
'I wanted to tell our part violent, atrocious and anxiolytic derived from the experiences of the streets of Naples and was NTO first person I thought of. "

The title of the album does not hide all the hostility that emerges from the life of ordinary people, photographing the current historical period, with the perceived feeling of living constantly in a world that is always 'against', but it is also a cry of hope for a path of personal growth and social development.