01. More And More
02. Golden Arrow
03. Lovers Game
04. Escape
05. More And More (Parov Stelar Remix)
06. Golden Arrow (La Rochelle Band rmx)
07. Golden Arrow (AG Trio rmx)
08. Lovers Game (AG Trio rmx)


Lilja Bloom’s name has been popping up in the musical world for a number of years now. Often unexpectedly, but also exactly where one would hope, always to the point, but still untouchable. She refuses to appear on stage and there are very few interviews or pieces, which reveal more about the secretive artist. As a multi-talent she invests as much of her energy in her painting and design projects as
she does in music, and sees them all equal in terms of their ability to express her artistic feelings. Many different pieces can be found in her atelier, which when put together create a cross-media completeness which one piece alone cannot transmit. While Lilja Bloom is not a classic singer in the traditional sense of the word, the impact and distance of her voice has had a major influence on her husband,
Parov Stelar, and his albums. The desire to create music as a solo artist grew from the joint work with Parov, and lead to the first single “mother”, being released a few years ago.
Lilja Bloom is a traveler, someone who enjoys being on the road in the search for inspiration, even though she is now very rarely seen on the extensive tours which Parov Stelar often embarks on. So many ideas are now collected travelling between their two homes in Spain and Austria, where both the spatial and intellectual freedom are clearly beneficial.
The musical side of the eclectic artist has once again come to the forefront with the mini-album „More and More“. She takes us on a journey into her childhood, to a time when she captured the music of the 80s on cassette recorder and let her impressions drift into colourful collages.
The sound aesthetics and the ease of the melodies of the time have remained with her, and it is from those memories that she has created a musical cloud, which she sits her voice upon. She has moved away from the formal strictness, which dominated both the music and artwork of her debut single “Mother”, as „More and More” flows more naturally out of the soul of the artist.
The time of the release is not just due to the creative process, but is also a result of a maternity pause. This new chapter in her life is not only represented in the textual freedom of her music, but also through the confidence which she radiates.
Autobiographical elements have been left out this time, or are only shown in small glimpses such as in “Golden Arrow”, a tale of ups and downs in relationships.
An important and essential part of the mini-album for Lilja Bloom are the remixes. The desire to find and explore new aspects and elements in one’s work is always strong, and it is even more exciting to find fellow artists to embark on this exploration with. The results are more than satisfying. Parov Stelar, the first choice to lead this exploration, turns the title track „More and More“ into a relaxed club track.
The La Rochelle Band take „Golden Arrow“ to another decade and examine how the song would work as a 90s club variation. A.G.Trio put their own mark on two tracks, turning the 80s dials up to the maximum on „Golden Arrow“, while giving „Lovers Game“ a modern, electro-house feeling.