Record #1
A1 Ballad of the Sad Young Man
A2 Some Time Ago
A3 It Never Entered My Mind
A4 Autumn Bugel

B1 The Touch of your Lips
B2 Daydream
B3 My Ideal
B4 Love Dance

Record #2
A1 Colores
A2 Django
A3 Shadow & Light

B1 That’s Live
B2 I Wish I Knew
B3 When You're Smiling

Record #3
A1 After the Race
A2 As We Walk Hand in Hand

B1 The Things We Did Last Summer
B2 Dear Old Stockholm



Trumpet player Ack van Rooyen may gradually be called the "Nestor of Dutch Jazz", at the age of 90 still recording and performing. And being honored with the Boy Edgar Prize for his lifetime achievements.
Throughout his career Ack has been working with Metropole Orkest, that itself is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.
Then And Now is a 3-LP set (12 inch) that contains hightlights from the collaboration of Metropole Orkest with Ack and his brother Jerry van Rooyen in the period 1975–2020.
Pieces are from the radio programs Metro's Music, Metro's Midnight Music and The Bands and were recorded between 1975 and 1995. These recordings were previously released on the CDs “Colores” (1991) and “Daydream” (1999). Albums that are no longer available.
The bonus LP of this set contains four new recordings from earlier this year. The four titles were chosen by Ack and a tribute to his brother Jerry as an arranger.
Encouraged by their father, brother Jerry and Ack van Rooyen started playing the trumpet at an early age. They study at The Hague Conservatory in The Netherlands,  Jerry majoring in composition and Ack in classical trumpet. They discover Jazz through BBC radio, and having landed in New York through a student exchange program in 1949 and seeing bebop heroes like Fats Navarro and Max Roach, made a profound impression on them. From that moment onwards, their life revolved around modern jazz: Bebop.
In 1958, Ack and Jerry set off to Paris to play in Aimé Barelli's orchestra. Paris, a hotspot for American Jazz musicians at the time, is where the brothers first hear the sound of Chet Baker and Miles Davis. Ack later tours alongside Marlene Dietrich with an orchestra led by Burt Bacharach. Furthermore, Ack plays in the orchestras of Gill Evans, Clark Terry and Quincy Jones (Montreux, 1991).