Side A
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A3. Another Day play button
A4. Flat Reality play button
Side B
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B2. Thoughts For Aprilplay button
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B4. Life Goes On play button
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European downbeat and breakbeat label Melting Records is known for digging in the right places, and this time they have unearthed ‘Flat Reality’ , the latest album from Greek downtempo producer SomehowArt. Filled with dusty rhythms, blunted vibes, and jazzy overtones, ‘Flat Reality’ showcases the expressive style of this prolific beatmeister. SomehowArt knows his stuff; piecing together loops and samples since his teenage years, he collaborates with his brother on a reggae project named Outspoken Brothers -responsible for two well-received vinyl releases - while also recording downtempo cuts as SomehowArt since 2012.
SomehowArt’s influences range from soul, jazz, hip hop, and reggae, and he is often found
looping his own live guitar and bass lines within the mix. The overall sound is multi-faceted and
always organic, with beats that are solid and heavy alongside atmospheres that are thick and hazy.

‘Flat Reality’ is SomehowArt’s First release for Melting Records and his debut solo album on vinyl. Its nine tracks provide a sharp glance into his world, filled with DJ-centric rhythms and mind-blowing tones harking back to the ’90s golden age of the Mo’Wax and Cup Of Tea labels. A couple of highlights are the melancholy “You Broke My Heart ” – which features lovely guitar, piano, and horn lines in contrast to its pounding breakbeat — and “Where Is The Morning Sun ”, which gives the listener the feeling of being unstuck in time with its anachronistic touches. A pair of fine guest vocalists make appearances, too: Calmdown, a Greek singer living in Berlin lays down some seriously gorgeous vocals for the languid “Another Day ”, and the UK-based female rapper Lady Paradox represents her unique flow on “Thoughts For April ”. In total, ‘Flat Reality’ is a shining accomplishment for SomehowArt, transmitting his reflective inner vibe to nodding heads worldwide.