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01 Dragon Tree
02 Sleep
03 First Things First
04 Morning Belle
05 The Idea Of Going Into The Darkness
06 Hello Fever
07 Candy Floss
08 Tip Of The Iceberg
09 Don´t Die Again OK
10 Fujiyama
11 The Note We Never Play
12 I´ll Be The Past

The abundance of ideas, the songwriting, the attitude – everything has grown bigger, louder and sharper in the
Naomi universe. Bernd Lechler and Nico Tobias still show the odd fit of incurable melancholy, but this time any
world weariness comes clad in choruses that make you want to shout “Holy Kylie!“. The overall sound of the
album reminds one of... well, nothing else, really. Massive backbeats carry scratchy guitar riffs, buzzing synths cut through gentle electric piano lines as the Berlin duo digs deep into the pop vocabulary of the past four decades. “Fujiyama“ is an electro blues with elegiac Melodica and a downright symphonic final, “Candy Floss“ is a lazily stomping contemporary funk pop monster, and what happens in “Hello Fever“ after a soaring cosmic intro could almost be labeled as prog rock.

The ting is, Naomi never play it safe here. They seem to intentionally provoke the coolness police, casting away
any tasteful cleverness of comparable indietronic acts and, smiling quietly, they lay it on thick. The Big Shapes
draws on the forbidden side of the Eighties (the Phil Collins drums on “Morning Belle“), mischievously quotes
heavy metal guitar lines (as for a few bars in “Dragon Tree“), and makes nods toward Kraftwerk and Depeche
Mode as well as Chic and the psychedelic Beatles. Reviewing their last album, Aquarium, Rolling Stone magazine
described Naomi as “wondrous“. They still are. Just this time with a bang.