01. Intro
02. Magnetik Fluid
03. Breath
04. Linoleum
05. Röltex
06. Fallin
07. Missed Call
08. Do U Like It
09. Memory
10. mR - 8
11. Stereoform
12. Neuroin

After the huge success of Forteba´s first two albums "Space Between Us" and "For Some Time Past" on Plastic
City, critics and fans were persecuted by the clear sound and the straight intention, Krisztián Dobrocsi aka Forteba convinced. Both were great works of an artist on the go constantly trying new ways to meet the pulse of him or even to define. Now that more than 3 years have passed and Forteba has achieved with his side-project "Krisztián Decay" in the lounge and listening genre great success, now it is time for another "Forteba" album on Plastic City.
With his third Album "stereoform" Forteba is now featuring new sounds and brings his talent, depth and warmth to skillfully blend with contemporary club sounds to advantage. He overwhelmed the listener in no way restricted by unnecessary sensationalism and in the productions on the main without too minimalist or even technoid to be.
On tracks like "Magnetic Fluid", "Breath" or "Linoleum" as one listener has always felt that every sound and every groove, without compromising on the essential elements, has its own "raison d'être".
With "Fallin" and "Memory", he is then also the perfect "in between" Aktzente called Interludes, as demonstrated by its proximity to much slower and beats loungegigen.
Finally, there is still material to the currently popular sets and floors fill the club scene. "mR-8", the eponymous title "stereoform" and "Neuroin" across the board are predestined to bring each hip to swing.
All in all Forteba succeed with his third album "stereoform" a quantum leap in the direction of current club sounds, placing it at the same time Plastic City in a new and fresh light.