CD barc 4260116721244

01 Death Star Droid
02 Away From
03 Hard To Find
04 Love And The Machine
05 People Are Strange Feat. Grace
06 While Feat. Manya
07 Heaven Is My Real Estate
08 Memories
09 Gorom Sen
10 A Song Formerly Known As Tooth

On death star droid Robot connects the dots between his more bass heavy and clubby project JAHCOOZI and his Post Rock outfit THE TAPE.
Death Star Droid is a Dubstep and Wonky Hip Hop infused affair, but the introduction of live acoustic instruments and heartfelt melodies is what sets it apart from
the rest in the loosely defined genre. The grizzly synthies and bass lines on the song WHILE are supported by a drifting piano. On hard to find Robot introduces
strings and flutes. The wobbling signature use of the Moog and Korg is present through out.
Robot has always drawn inspirations from all ends of the musical spectrum.
Having started out as a drummer in a Punk and Hardcore band, he found his way into Electronic music via Hip Hop, Jazz and DJing.
His favourite albums include Slayer (reign in blood), John Coltrane (a love supreme) and 36 chambers by the Wu Tang Clan.