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The bass, that metronome that marks the time for musicians of every style, of every era, that secluded, silent, but essential character for a band. Without the bass, the music would be deflated, the heart notes would leave a wasteland of rowdy high frequencies without any rules. But bass players who have character can elevate those low frequencies and even make them loud at times. Who knows if free jazz, if we want to call it that, is exalted by the Arabic background, those semitones between the first and second degree that also make the bass sparkling? In his records, Saheb elevates the bass to a mother instrument, gives it life as vibrant as the spring that is coming. Solos are on par with that of the reeds and stand up to listening without waiting for another antagonist to return to take back the scene. This is one of the most playful and entertaining records we have reissued to date. Take a tour of the world of Saheb!


Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Percussion – Daunik Lazro
Double Bass, Reeds, Flute, Percussion – Saheb Sarbib
Drums, Percussion – Jonathan Dickinson
Electric Piano, Piano, Percussion – Manuel Resende

Original artwork / Black vinyl / 505 mcn paper / Lucid lamination / Greyscale 30 x 30 cm insert printed on 300 mcn DNS paper with condensed interview to Saheb Sarbib by Tony Higgins and exclusive pictures..