CD BARCODE 8018344080017
  1. dawn to the night
  2. funeral wedding
  3. prelude
  4. trick of the light
  5. swing on her shoes movement 1
  6. swing on her shoes movement 2
  7. wil you be there
  8. doryan
  9. space between thoughts
  10. jazzbar2025
  11. all of your things
  12. interlude
  13. covered up in stars




“The RAah Project stands out immediately as the most credible overseas alternative to the European sound of Cinematic Orchestra  and Matthew Herbert Big Band. “Score”, recorded with the support of a strings section of 17 members, staged by the Australian Show Big Band, represents a  work of music consistent as well as innovative: the humus is classical music and movies’ soundtracks; yet the overall mood is an elegant mix of big band orchestrations, simple pop melodies, moderate contributions of electronic music, hip-hop rhythms, and soul sensitivity ultimately matched by a surprising vocal as well as composing ability.