Pieter Verlinden (1934-2002) was an exceptional composer responsible for hundreds of scores and soundtracks for television, ballet, theatre and film. Only some of his soundtracks were released at the time, like De 5 van de 4-daagse (The Five Are Marching In, 1974), Een mens van goede wil (A Man of Good Will, 1974) and De dood van een non (Death of a Nun, 1976).
Most of his work was only preserved on the original master tapes in his personal archive, so the majority of Verlinden's music has never been heard and is unknown. With the album series The PV Tapes, 678 Records pays tribute to the maestro of Belgian film music.

On the second album in this series we present two complete original soundtracks.
On side 1 you will find the original library music recorded for the Dutch 1976 documentary Mensenwerk, directed by Richard Hock.
On side 2 you will find the complete home recordings Verlinden made on his brand new Oberheim OBX synthesizer for the 1980 television drama Een spoor van Carla, directed by Paul Cammermans

Music from the film Mensenwerk by Richard Hock
Recorded for I.P.O. at Decca Studios, Brussels in April 1976

01.Mensenwerk theme 13
02.Mensenwerk theme 14 play button
03.Mensenwerk theme 7
04.Mensenwerk theme 2
05.Mensenwerk theme 3
06.Mensenwerk theme 4
07.Mensenwerk theme 5
08.Mensenwerk theme 6
09.Mensenwerk theme 8
10.Mensenwerk theme 9
11.Mensenwerk theme 10 play button
12.Mensenwerk theme 1
13.Mensenwerk theme 11
14.Mensenwerk theme 12
15.Mensenwerk theme 15
16.Mensenwerk theme 17
17.Mensenwerk theme 18
18.Mensenwerk theme 19
19.Mensenwerk theme 20
20.Mensenwerk theme 21


Music from the television drama Een spoor van Carla by Paul Cammermans
Recorded for BRT at Studio Pieter Verlinden, Bonheiden in September 1980
using the Oberheim OBX synthesizer

01.Een spoor van Carla theme 2 [si-mi-fa-do]              1
02.Het Onze Duivel [Een spoor van Carla theme 3A disco]  play button
03.Een spoor van Carla theme 3B [synth fa-si-do]             
04.Een spoor van Carla theme 6 [synth + repeat echo]
05.Een spoor van Carla theme 7 [sequenzer]  play button
06.Een spoor van Carla theme 9
07.Een spoor van Carla theme 10
08.Een spoor van Carla theme 11 [1 lang 1 kort]
09.Een spoor van Carla theme 12 [1 lang 2 kort]
10.Een spoor van Carla theme 13 [1 lang 3 kort]
11.Een spoor van Carla theme 17 [1 lang 7 kort]
12.Een spoor van Carla theme 5B [synth]        
13.Een spoor van Carla theme 16 [1 lang 6 kort]
14.Een spoor van Carla theme 18 [1 lang 8 kort]
15.Een spoor van Carla theme 19 [1 kort 2 lang]
16.Een spoor van Carla theme 21 [2 lang 1 kort]
17.Een spoor van Carla theme 23 [2 lang 3 kort]
18.Een spoor van Carla theme 22 [2 lang 2 kort]