nakes plus


Double CD ,including 12 page booklet with extensive liner notes, carefully digitalized and remastered from the original mastertapes.

678 records presents a fantastic compilation of early, unheard and unknown works arranged and directed by Dutch soundtrack composer Ruud Bos.

Two discs (both clocking almost 80 minutes each!) full of wild jazz, organ funk, cinematic grooves, breakbeats and dope fender rhodes piano solo's including the original mono mixes of the sought after NAAKT OVER DE SCHUTTING.

A must have 2 disc set for anyone who has a heart for cinema funk,soundtracks and rare movie scores!

full tracklist and soundbites see below


Daniël (directed by Erik Terpstra)
Recorded at Soundpush, Blaricum, 1971
01         Titelmuziek Daniël    play button
02         M1      Standjes   play button       
03         M13     Nonnen            
04         M14     Nonnen    play button        
05         M15     Daniël uit de boom
06         M17     Gevecht boeren /stadsvolk     
07         M18     Nieuwe variatie         
08         M3      Titelmuziek Daniël


De Inbreker (The Burglar, directed by Frans Weisz)
Recorded at Phonogram, Hilversum, 1972
engineer: Pieter Nieboer
09         ‘I Can See Her’ (vocal)   play button         
10         ‘I Can See Her’ play button
11         Glimmie #1    play button
12         Van Borsen #1            
13         Missing Knife
14         Glimmie’s Theme (Part 1)   
15         A New Knife  
16         Van Borsen #2   play button         
17         The Morgue   
18         Fanny’s Story
19         Signal #3         
20         The Killing     
21         Fanny Murdered        
22         Bridge
23         Fanny Catched   play button         
24         Van Borsen Coming Home  
25         Signal #4         
26         Hammerstein    play button          
27         Rowing            
28         Glimmie’s Theme (part 2)   
29         ‘I Can See Her’ (stereo edit)
30         Glimmie’s Theme (edit)       

(An Outsider, directed by Lennaert Nijgh) Recorded at Phonogram, Hilversum, 1967

31         Een vreemde vogel (opening)            
32         Een vreemde vogel #3             
33         Een vreemde vogel (titelsong)           
34         Een vreemde vogel #5             
35         Een vreemde vogel #6             
36         Een vreemde vogel #9             
37         Een vreemde vogel #7             
38         Een vreemde vogel #10          
39         Een vreemde vogel #12          

DE BABY IN DE BOOM (The Baby in the Tree, directed by  Nouchka van Brakel)
Recorded in 1969

40         De baby in de boom (titles
41         Lifting
42         De baby in de boom #
43         De baby in de boom #4

cd 2

DAT VERHAAL VAN JOU (This Story of Yours, theatre play by John Hopkins, directed by Lo van Hensbergen)
Recorded at MC studio, Nederhorst den Berg, 1970
Engineer: Dick van der Meer

01         Dat verhaal van jou play button
(This Story of Yours)

Because of the cats (Niet voor de poesen, directed by Fons Rademakers)
Recorded at Soundpush, Blaricum, 1973

02         Calling the Inspector play button
03         At the Station              
04         Searching       
05         Macrobiotic Food     
06         Meeting Feodora       
07         Looking for a Gang    play button
08         Sweet Burglars           
09         To Destroy    play button 
10         Try an Aqua-lung      
11         Crash and Run             
12         Dead Cats   play button    
13         A Diving Inspector    play button
14         Questioning   play button
15         Killing Cats    
16         The Ravens     play button
17         The Cats          
18         The Ritual  play button     


(Naked over the Fence, directed by Frans Weisz)
Recorded at FPS (Frans Peters Studio), Hilversum, mixed August 31, 1973
Engineer: Frans Peters

19         Titles  
20         Get It Now      
21         Shocking View    play button        
22         Model Session             
23         A Film for a Girl          
24         Back to the Place of the Crime         
25         The Twins   play button   
26         The Film play button
27         The Kidnapping   play button      
28         Celia’s Death 
29         On the Roof    
30         Naked Plus     
31         Back to the Place of the Crime
(alternate version)   
32         The Kidnapping (intro #1) 
33         The Kidnapping (intro #2) 
34         The Kidnapping (intro #3) 
35         The Twins (album edit)       

(Dur mag zoveel niet, TV series, KRO 1974)
Recorded at Dali Press Studio’s, Nederhorst den Berg, 1974

36         Durmazon (startleader)       
37         Sexy Music     
38         Flipper   play button