Side I

Sound Spectrum Suite:

1.     Keynote C:    Red play button
2.     Keynote D:    Orange play button
3.     Keynote E:     Yellow play button
4.     Keynote F:     Green play button
5.     Keynote G:    Blue play button
6.     Keynote A:     Indigo play button
7.     Keynote B:     Violet play button

 Total Time:   25:2

Side II

1.     Be-Muse-ment play button
2.     Trans-Pan dance play button
3.     Subtle Body Suite play button

Generally regarded as the first true ‘new age’ record, Steve Halpern’s 1975 private press LP has long been in demand by collectors. In particular, the very first pressing of the album included an extraordinary long-form jazz funk track called ‘Something for Every Body Suite’ that was removed from subsequent versions. Eating Standing is proud to reissue Halpern’s classic long-lost original version of the album, officially licensed from Halpern himself that includes this heavy groove-laden masterpiece. This is the very first ever full reissue of the first press album with full reproduction of the artwork. Original copies cost over $700 (assuming you can even find one) but now this incredible landmark album is available once more to enjoy.

"Reissued for the very first time since 1975 in its original format and track listing, a legendary album that  is considered a game-changer in music.
Steve Halpern’s  landmark album ‘Christening For Listening (A Soundtrack For Every Body)’ is considered by many to be a crucial and defining album that pointed the way ahead.
Predating the ambient/experimental work of Brian Eno, Steve Hillage and even Mort Garson’s ‘Plantasia’, Steve Halpern’s ‘Christening For Listening’ was the first album to explore
what became known as ‘new age’ or ambient music, exploring the effect of tones and rhythms on the human body and mind as well as plants and other organisms.
Originally issued as a private pressing in 1975, the very first issue of this album had an extraordinary extended jazz funk track on the B side, a DJ/Samplers delight – DJ Gaslamp Killer is a huge fan.
This track, ‘Something For Every Body Suite’, was never included on any of the subsequent represses making the very first pressing incredibly rare and almost impossible to find.
It’s reissued here for the very first time, with full repro of the original artwork plus a Q&A by Tony Higgins with Steven Halpern himself. This reissue is fully authorised by Steven.
A strictly limited vinyl run of 500 in a thick 700g card hand glued sleeve, with PVC outer.  The LP comes with one of five 12x12” Kirlian photos from Steve Halpern's original archive printed on Translucent GSK Heliography Paper."