OENE VAN GEEL - SUDOKU (CD+7") label: ZENNEZ (ZR-1604002)




01. Seven Riffs play
02. Sudoku 2 play
03. Polderlucht play
04. Metro al Medina play
05. Theotuma play
06. Oleg play
07. Tabjorn
08. Sudoku 1
09. Dew Drops on a Spider's Web
10. Ode To Mingus
11. Maribor
12. Sculptures

Alt violist/composer Oene van Geel from The Netherlands has been fantasizing about recording a solo album for a long time but each time his focus was on playing with his main bands (Zapp4 and Estafest)  and composing chamber music.
His goal was to give each piece on Sudoku its own identity: complementary grooves, oriental melodies, Math Metal, desolate soundscapes, expressionism.

Some music was inspired by (befriended) musicians, other  music was inspired by cities and travels: (Metro al Madina is a venue in Beirut, Maribor is a city in Slovenia).
"Landscapes and structures found in nature also influenced me, like in Polderlucht, and Dew Drops on a Spider's Web. Sudoku and Sudoku 2 are both based on rhythmical cycles with different pulses inside. Rhythm in Indian music is the main source of inspiration here", says Oene. He was winner of the prestigious VPRO/Boy Edgar Jazz Award in 2013.
On this album Oene plays viola, quintone, five string violin (+octaver), cajon,and other percussion. He is accompanied by Mark Haanstra on bass guitar, Miriam Overlach on harp, Oguz Buyukberber on bass clarinet and Matteo Mijderwijk on piano.