The album features fourteen tracks of a distinct space soul atmosphere, filled with a smokey funk-rock and hip hop mixture produced and arranged by Blend aka Mishkin.


Influences ranging from psychedelic soul (Golden chain, Big jello boy), retro moods (Lost that lovin' feeling), 70's heavy guitar funk-rock (Kill the bitch you got in ya), spacey blues
(Bad tooth, Dynamite, No roof), old school hip hop (The stink, Beat Junkie), and rhythm & blues (Invisible, The incredible) with an experimental tip.

Sugaspank started working with producer Blend aka Mishkin for his latest album Misplaced (cab101) in the end of 2006, later released on their newly established record label Cast-a-blast.
Soon after "Misplaced" was out, even trees knew they had to join forces in order to create a new record featuring Sugahspank's songs with Blend on the production, mainly because of a high chemistry rising among them, both in songwriting and personal level. All recordings and mixes took place between November 2007 and August 2008 at their appartment at Pireaus with most of the vocals recorded  while  Sugahspank was in bed, recovering from a seveire back injury. Production-wise the tools that Blend used are limited and everything serves it's purpose to the max. Analog recording sources, fat mpc made beats, loads of vinyls and vintage synths have most of the action here. 

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