CD BARCODE 882119016628

01 "I Wanna Ramble" - John Lee Hooker
02 "You'll Be Mine" - Howlin Wolf
03 "You Ain't Such A Much" - Blanche Thomas
04 "That's A Pretty Good Love" - Big Maybelle
05 "Love Bandit" - Cadets
06 "Long Lean Daddy" - Sarah Dean
07 "King Kong" - Big T Tyler
08 "All Night Long" - Joe Houston
09 "Bring My Cadillac Back" - Baker Knight
10 "Voodoo Voodoo" - Jessie and The Orbits
11 "That's The Man That Counts" - Jack Rabbit Slim
12 "Soulful Dress" - Sugar Pie DeSanto
13 "How Do I Let A Good Man Down" - Sharon Jones
14 "Come On Train" - Don Thomas
15 "Beggin" - Timebox
16 "Sensitive Mind" - General Assembly
17 "That's What I Want" - Syng McGowan

It has been some time since the first edition of DJs Choice, on which swiss DJs Soulinus and Pun introduced their favorite pieces, has been released. However with such high class DJs like on the upcoming DJs Choice it's worth to be patient. Usually it's about to say something about each track BUT that tracklist doesn't need any descriptions. As expected Keb and Lucinda did their homework and put together a high-quality collection. Songs like Howlin Wolf's ‚You'll Be Mine', ‚Come On Train' by Don Thomas or ‚Beggin' by Timebox - you can't wait to play that record! That compilation is a must have for every record collection and for every good party!


Keb Darge is the most famous DJs regarding the genres Northern Soul and Deep Funk!

Lucinda Slim (who is actually called Nia Saw) isn't an unknown quantity here - as one of Zap Mama's vocalists (since 1997) she recorded 4 albums and toured round the globe