Side A
1.In a sincere way play button
2.Hagerun Geleba play button
3.Yeselalewa play button

Side B
1.Why is the chicken running play button
2.Nurona Bilhatu play button
3.Block Hipatplay button



How hot and funky can it get in the Arctic? Who knows. But have a listen to Togetherings,
the fourth studio album by Finnish-Beninese-Ethiopian rhythm music collective The Blassics.
This album brings your ears a tight collection of musical journeys the nine-piece group has
achieved through the delicate art of listening. Involving both more planned original
compositions (e.g., Hagerun Geleba) and material improvised from scratch (e.g., Why is the
Chicken Running?) Togetherings works as a reminder on the importance of music in
cultivating joy, tenderness and hanging out, without forgetting the complexities involved.
Started as a production duo by two funk aficionados (Sarkkola and Tammi) who
primarily draw their inspiration from record collecting, deejaying and jamming, The Blassics
have grown during the past years to be one of the most prominent Finnish-afro-funk-jazz
collectives. Played live at Odd Funk Records' analogue studio in Hämeenlinna, the album
cherishes the roots of deep and spacey funk, afro and jazz with Arctic seasoning and crispy
tape sound. Mastering done by Jukka Sarapää at Timmion gives this Blassical masterpiece
the ultimate audio icing.
Togetherings is released as a limited edition vinyl of 500 copies by Odd Funk Records
(oddfunk011) on 30th of April 2019. The record is distributed worldwide by Painted Dog
Records. Digitalized version of the album will be available through various platforms and

All titles by the Blassics:
bass - Ville-Pekka Järvinen, drums - Joona Venäläinen, flute - Hanna Lotti, guitar - Juha Sarkkola, percussions -
Jukka Teerisaari, percussions - Victor Tokpanou, sax (baritone) - Mikko Veijonen, trumpet - Tuure Tammi,
vocals - MikiMac (Mikiyas Getachew)

Recorded live on analog 8-track tape recorder during August 2018 at Odd Funk Studio. Recorded, mixed and
produced by Sarkkola & Tammi at Odd Funk Studio. Vinyl Mastering by JSA at Timmion. Photos by Ahti
Isomäki. Sculptures by Ahti and Olli Isomäki. Cover layout by Mikko Myöhänen. Distributed by Painted Dog