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PRAISE POEMS - VOLUME 4 (2LP) label: TRAMP (TR-9058)





01 Goodbye Rainbow  - Michael Dues play button
02 High & Dry  - John Wesley Dickson Band play button
03 He Is Gone  - Scott Williams play button
04 - You Need Love  - The P.T.S. play button
05 Moon Child  - Scott Cunningham Band play button
06 Out Side Loving  - Joe Isaac Henderson play button
07 Black Child (feat. Eastern Sound) - Morris Dow play button
08 Under the Trees  - Carmelita play button
09 Sittin' High  - Joe Lee Wilson
10 Swingin' the Down Home Blues  - Tommy Palmer Trio
11 How Come You Do Me  - Ruth Martin
12 Herby's Tune  - The Three Souls
13 Muddy Water  - Arrie Mae Morton Trio
14 Figs Grow in the Winter Time - Michael Merchant
15 Fun City  Tim Angenend
16 Iceland Land of the Micemen - Nicodemus
17 Bamboo and Rice - Bill Osborn

New edition for these well received compilations on TRAMP records

Praise Poems Vol.1: Gilles Peterson (Worldwide / Brownswood Rec.): One of my fave comps of 2015.

Praise Poems Vol.2: Oliver Korthals (Mojo / Out of Spectrum on Byte FM): Extremely well put together track listing of artists which I have never heard before. Left me with my mouth open... - highly recommend!

Praise Poems Vol.3: Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s): This is incredible.