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01 serenata part I play button
02 chico play button
03 shala lala lalala play button
04 brahms lonely mariachi play button
05 illusione play button
06 rio grandeplay button
07 una promessa play button
08 bello ciao
09 una volta …
10 senorita
11 western saloon - cartoon
12 rock & rollee
13 get on uppa

It has been quite some time that Viennese downbeat and swing icon Klaus Waldeck – reknown for his landmark „Ballroom Stories“ (2007) – has put us on hold. Now the waiting game is over:

The anticipation is high and Waldeck raises the stakes by adding one more surprise: Italian is the language that Waldeck has chosen for our delight. He has found us a new sparkling and erotic voice, the viennese singer „la Heidi“.

Waldeck himself likes to label Gran Paradiso as a "Spaghetti & Western" production.

„Gran Paradiso is a hommage to the legendery sound of italo-western movies – yet it also dwells on those sentimental moods of the famous italian canzone  - but always keeps the ironic distance.“

Italiian... this language is pure music. 100%“

The overall sound of the album clearly is earmarked by Waldecks unique signature sound. The odd tango, dub und reggae elements round off this light hearted summer album, that you may want to listen to even in autumn or winter to warm up your spirit.
Italian music, like not so often heard before!
Mille grazie Mr. Waldeck!