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01. Passing on the Screen
02. Wild is my Love
03. Radio Utopia - Human Loss & Gain (CdB remix)
04. Clyde Beluga
05. WigWag
06. Floating on Air
07. Un Grao de Areia
08. Back to my Room
09. My Hunger Hurts
10. Ella Fitzgerald - Air Mail Special (CdB remix)
11. Something Big and Endless
12. Habana Twist
13. Zoo Zizaro
14. Too Late
15. Les Baxter - Jungle Flower (CdB remix)
16. Pain is Temporary

Club des Belugas is one of the leading Nujazz projects in Europe, probably
in the world. They combine contemporary European Lounge & Nujazz
Styles with Brazilian Beats, Swing and American Black Soul of the fifties,
sixties and seventies using their unique creativity and intensity. This
beautifully produced CD comes packed with 16 stunning electro flavoured
jazzy tracks. As the 4 albums before, Zoo Zizaro is a writers and producers
cooperation of Club des Belugas’ founder and all time members “Kitty the
Bill” and “Maxim Illion”…. and the most important thing is: they have
never been better, Zoo Zizaro is the coronation of their work. If ChinChin
Records should decide to release a “Best of Club des Belugas” album, 85%
of the tracks would come from Zoo Zizaro.