01 Introducing Zouzoulectric play
02 The Hopper play
03 Shim Sham (VIP mix) play
04 Le Coup de Vent play
05 Mr. Rain play
06 Rob The Cat play
07 Swing it Sister play feat. The Mills Brothers
08 Don´t give it up play
09 Zouzou´s Interlude
10 Round Around
11 Breath of a Dragon
12Cha Cha Zouzou
13 Hollywood
14 Crazy Mine
15 Round Around - Club des Belugas rmx
16 Round Around - Gardener of Delight rmx
17 Round Around - Jojo Effect rmx
18 Round Around - Christian Becker vs.  Gardener od Delight rmx
19 Round Around – Mad Green & Zap Dub rmx

Neo Swing – Caffeine for your ears
How do you like your coffee? Black, au lait, two sugars, Espresso or rather Latte Machiato? Anyways, let´s agree on life being too short for bad coffee!
Maybe producing music is comparable with the fine art of roasting coffee.
With dedicating oneself to the ideal balance of body, aroma and acid for all varieties and blends. No matter how, when or where you like to enjoy your hot beverage – once the roasting is just right it just tastes damn good. Plus it keeps your senses awake.
If music indeed is caffeine for your ears the by far most pleasant and stimulating international blend this year comes from the roasting factory Zouzoulectric and their album named The Hopper. One year after their EP-debut Shim Sham Zouzoulectric mix their highly infectious Neo Swing for a full length album tailored to the dancefloors of this planet.
Producer Jürgen Kausemann achieves an intensity to the „retro modern jazzy swing blend“ with refreshing ease giving The Hopper the irresistible charme of a party animal to whose credo „Dance your life away“ one becomes instantly hooked. Kausemann went underground for over two years submerging into a cosmos of electronic und vintage sounds, jazz beats and bass grooves, harbouring his very own pearls of songs. Add polish guitarist and trumpet player Radek Fedyk, who shines in this music in various ways, arising seamlessly from many trips back and forth in time, be it djangoesque, melancholy or warm.
Singer and star of the album Nelly Simon is giving this melange of electro, swing, bossa, jazz and ufos a nonchalant elegance and grace, irresistibly cool and vulnerable at the same time. Nelly Simon swings and sings a duet with jazz crooner Iain Mackenzie in the savoy ballroom, she knows the best clubs in Tokyo, Chicago, Barcelona, dances with Mr. Robie above the roofs of Nice, makes a trip to Havanna, flirts with Marilyn in
Hollywood and at the end of this magic odyssey one is absolutely certain when hearing the wonderful ballad „crazy mine“: dreams are treasures. And by the way, Thank you universe!W
we were able to attract the best remixers of the international Scene.